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My journal is friends-only, so please comment to be added!

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Missed this before...

Am I still on? I'm reading your posts, so I assume so. Just wanting to make sure!


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Yep, yep, m'lady! Just wanted to clean out all of the old conversations on the last post I had like this, so I posted a fresh one. :)

Congrats again on your wedding! I can't get over how gorgeous you two were!

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I hope I can stay. :(

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Just a fresh page, no biggie! :)

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Do I make the cut? No pun intended =)


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Of course you did! I need to be able to imagine up my alternate life in Syracuse at a moment's notice, and you're my guy when it comes to that!

So, um ...

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Does commenting make me a friend?

Re: So, um ...

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Depends... who are you?

MBA Study Free Help

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i have seen you on brokedownrage, bjschaeffer, and silence_whisper's journals, so I figure you must be pretty cool. i'm adding you if you don't mind. :)

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Of course! I'll add you back!

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Camille told me to add you. Love that 'self-timer' picture.

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Color me intrigued.

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Who are you, where are you from, what do you do, why are you friends with Johnny??

Just teasing. Consider yourself friended. :)

P.S. I've never had someone want to friend me purely because I said my pants flew off at a back pickup line.

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I have friended you.
(deleted comment)

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Actually, I didn't make it to the party - I was in Colorado at the time, but you've certainly met a lot of people that I like and enjoy! Your name seems super familiar.

Mind if I friend you?

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So... I'm commenting...

Can I be added?

You met me at the Jade Room on Friday... well technically it was Saturday, but since I'd not been to bed yet, I consider it still Friday, but if you'd like to argue about it being Saturday, I'll concede it, because it was technically Saturday.

Johnny and Beth ([ profile] weebles) will give me good references, but if they don't, let me know so that I can abuse them properly.

Can I be added now? Can I, huh?

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Consider it done! :)
(deleted comment)

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Eh, you don't update enough. :)

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Follow the link

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Image (

Add Me Robin!! its [ profile] sockmonkey1

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hey there. i'm commenting so i can be added to view your journal.

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After seeing you comment in Dana's and [ profile] zinniz's LJ's, I followed the link here, and here I am!

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do you have an embarassing pic of me and some other ljers with drinks in our cleavage?

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I would be the girl to come to for that! About to post those actually....

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you should add me, dork.


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Hey Thanks for coming by after the Bridge explosion. Hope to see you folks at a porch drinkin Wednesday soon.

Re: Timiffany

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Thanks so much for having us over - I love your house!

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As requested, I beseech thee for friendship status.

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ummm....add me please! I heard I was mentioned.... :)

Your kitten (or cat by now, actually)

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Hi. I don't think we've ever met - I got your name from Jen (formerly rocketparkgirl, now redheartleaf).

I'm writing about the kitten you got from Jen and Brian Marek a few years ago. Brian is my boyfriend, and your kitten's mother, Domino, lived with us.

Unfortunately, Domino died last week, very prematurely. The vet believes she most likely died of heart failure. He advised us to contact everyone who took one of her babies.

The gist of what he said is that the kittens may or may not have the same problem Domino did. There's not much to be done about it one way or the other. Apparently, heart problems are common in cats - he said they think roughly 32% of the cat population suffer from them - and they're often asymptomatic up 'til the moment they go into heart failure. If you're very worried about your kitten, the vet suggested you have an EKG done.

The bright side - if you want to call it that - is that it's an extremely quick way to go. There is very little pain because the duration is so short from the onset and they don't really know what hit them, so they don't suffer.

I'm sorry to be such a downer. Chances are good that your cat will not have the same problem. I just wanted to let you know because it was a huge shock for us (she wasn't even four yet), and I wish we had known ahead of time in case there were anything we could have done to prolong her life.


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We met at a fancy party last weekend. :)

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Hey, been meaning to do this for a while. Can I get on as your friend here? It's been a while since we've seen each other, but this is good for catching up. p.s. It's Sara.

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say you'll be my friend?!

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Yes ma'am!

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Add please. We're really funny.

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